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February 19, 2023

Similar to crypto mining, investors can earn an income via crypto staking. However, with the taxation involved in the gains from all digital assets and activities, staking falls relatively close to crypto trading tax compliances. Learn everything you want to about crypto staking from this in-depth guide on tax on crypto staking.
If your overheating systems and surplus charges on your hardware weren’t already a burden, the complications on the taxation welcome to tax compliances on crypto mining. But what if we tell you that calculating this tax is as simple as anything?
We get it, calculating the tax on crypto gains is a tedious job! We’ve been there. But not only is there a way to accurately calculate this tax but also to reduce it, that too LEGALLY! Understand how are crypto profits taxed in India.
Whether it’s Beeple’s $69M sale or the bored ape that got you into NFTs, one thing’s for certain- your love of art commands tax on NFT’s. Due to the ambiguities and technicalities involved, calculating these taxes could get confusing. But hopefully not after this guide!
Navigating the maze of India's cryptocurrency tax rules can leave even the most seasoned investors scratching their heads. But, don't worry - our guide on tax rules on crypto token sales simplifies the process and takes the confusion out of tax on token sales.
The Indian government's approach to cryptocurrency taxation is a labyrinth of rules and regulations that leaves even the savviest investors feeling confused. Our guide on cryptocurrency taxes will simplify navigating this legal terrain.

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