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How to download your transaction report from Binance and integrate it with KoinX

1.Go to your Binance home page, https://www.binance.com/en, and click on Log In

2.Enter your email id and password and click on Log In

3.OR Click on "Phone number" and then enter your Phone number and password and click on Log In

4.You can alternatively Log In with a QR Code from your mobile app

  • For this, go to your Binance mobile app where you have already signed into your Binance account
  • Select the QR icon on the top right and scan this QR code and login in an instant

5.On your Binance Dashboard, you can see "Wallet". Click on it

6. From the dropdown menu, select "Transaction History

7.Click on "Generate all statements" on the top-right corner.

8.Select the Time Period for which you wish to see

the transactions by choosing the “Customized” option from the “Time” dropdown. You can select a time range of upto 1 year. We advise you to select the earliest time range first. For example, if you have been trading since April 2020, try downloading the report from April 2020 to March 2021 first, and from April 2021 to March 2022 next.

9.Click on "Generate".

10. Once your report is ready, you will receive a mail from Binance and you should be seeing a "Download" button as shown in the image below. Click on "Download". You would have a "tar.gz" file downloaded. Extract the "tar.gz" file to find a "CSV" file.

11.Your CSV should look something like this:

12.Now, go to the KoinX website, https://www.koinx.com/, and log in with your credentials

13.You will be redirected to your KoinX dashboard. From the dashboard select "Exchanges"

14.Click on "Add Exchange"

15.Select Binance from the list of exchanges provided by KoinX to integrate it with your KoinX profile

16. Now select "Click to Upload" and locate the CSV Trade History file that you have downloaded just now

17. Click on "Submit" and you are done!

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