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HollaExXKoinX integration
Connect your HollaEx account to KoinX in just a few simple steps to easily generate and file your HollaEx taxes.

HollaEx is an exchange platform known for being easy to set up. Users can easily set up coins and markets within a few minutes. It is perfect for those who want accessibility and autonomy. You can handle everything from your operator channel. It is available in more than fifty markets and almost twenty-one countries. It has simplified the process of trading in crypto. 

But there is more to crypto than just trading. All those doing it and earning profits must register or file their taxes. KoinX, the automated tax calculating platform, can easily carry this task. It can analyse all the data quickly and generate accurate tax reports. More than 40 million transactions have been done so far, and it supports more than 25,000 Crypto. 

You can find all the steps to integrate HollaEx with KoinX here. You have to follow each step with precision to do it successfully.

A step-by-step guide on how to generate your HollaEx tax report with KoinX

Step 1: Log in to your HollaEx account.

Step 2: Click on the Settings section on the left side.

Step 3: In the Settings section, click on the API Keys and select Generate API Keys.

Step 4: Make sure you have given the following permissions.

Step 5: Log in to your KoinX account.

Step 6: Click on the Integrations section in the navigation bar.

Step 7: In the search bar, search for HollaEx exchange and select the exchange.

Step 8: Paste your API and secret keys and hit the Import Now button.

How To Easily Calculate & File Your HollaEx Taxes with KoinX

Step 1: Add all the chains and exchanges where you have an account
KoinX supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies. You can file for taxes for numerous platforms as well. All you have to do is attach an exchange or chain to it. For example, to file taxes for HollaEx, you must first set it up with KoinX.

Step 2: Review your transactions
KoinX strictly follows all the new tax rules and regulations. After considering all such laws, it generates an accurate tax report. It will also differentiate all the transactions based on their nature for the users. It will also shed light on the profits and losses. You can quickly review each transaction on this source.

Step 3: Generate your tax reports for the selected financial year
After considering all the data available, it will produce a tax report. But before that, you must select the year you need the data. You can then easily categorise each considering your trading and investment method. For instance, you can organise them as capital gains or business income.

Step 4: File your taxes
You can attain your tax reports easily from KoinX. It simplifies sharing the data with tax professionals, as you can download it in any format you need. It will keep all the troubles away from the tax filing process.

Important Things to Consider While Generating Your HollaEx Tax Report with KoinX

One must remember a few things while generating your HollaEx Tax report with KoinX. These are as follows:

  • KoinX cannot derive information directly from HollaEx in real-time. Users must sync up all transactions with the platform. But if you wish to keep it away from all sorts of errors, then you must avoid any gaps.
  • You must ensure that all the data is transferred from your HollaEx account to KoinX. For this, you must include all the data available from the date you set up your account on HollaEx. This way, you can ensure that the tax report contains no mistakes.
  • Users must analyse their data before the computation for losses and profits commence. It will result in an accurate analysis, which will help generate a perfect report.

If you remember all the above points, preparing your HollaEx Tax report will be more straightforward. Start using KoinX to ensure your data filing process is easy and smooth. You can even stay compliant with all the rules and the new ones that emerge.

It is high time to make tax filing further simple. Sync your account to access accurate tax reports now! Get hold of your cryptocurrency taxes here and now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to report my HollaEx for tax purposes?

Yes, you need to report your HollaEx for tax purposes. Those actively trading and yielding profits from it must report taxes. There are specific rules for your region. You must adhere to it all.

Does HollaEx report to the Income Tax Department?

No, HollaEx does not report to the Income Tax Department. It is only a crypto exchange platform. It facilitates easy selling and buying of cryptocurrency. It has to follow all the tax regulations as it is a legal and financial entity.

Does HollaEx provide tax reports?

No, you cannot get tax reports from HollaEx. You can trade, sell or buy crypto assets on this crypto exchange platform. You can trade in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. You must set up an account on KoinX to get accurate tax reports. They are known for strictly following tax regulations and generating tax reports.

How are HollaEx transactions taxed?

HollaEx transactions are taxes per the guidelines laid down by authorities. It has been specified by the Indian Budget 2020 that all profits made on crypto assets must bear a 30% tax. It will also have to bear 1% TDS. All legitimate and authentic platforms must abide by these rules and regulations.

How does HollaEx tax reporting with KoinX work?

When you set up your HollaEx account with KoinX, it quickly gets hold of your transactions. It will then give you a preview of all the data and transactions in an organised manner. You must check if any things could be improved in the data. It will help maintain the accuracy of the data. KoinX will then begin analysing and computing all data. It will then generate reports which users can download in any format they need.

What are the most common issues with importing transactions from HollaEx to KoinX?

Generating a HollaEx tax report on KoinX may sound simple, but it is full of issues. You have to check whether the file you chose for upload is correct. You must also check that the financial year you selected is correct. It would be best to double-check that you set the “read info” option while generating the API key. It will prevent any changes to the data available.

How do I troubleshoot my HollaEx integration with KoinX?

If you have any questions or want to know about the integration process, you can take a reference from the guide here. You can even contact customer service at KoinX. You can contact them through live chat, Twitter, and email at [email protected].

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