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How to Mine Monacoin?

how to mine monacoin guide
A step-by-step guide to mine Monacoin

Monacoin, one of the most in-demand developing cryptocurrencies, is designed to keep its price constant during volatile periods. In addition, MONA is also ASIC resistant as it uses the Lyra2REv2 algorithm which requires less power to operate. When you start mining MONA, you become a part of the system and help to improve it. Join the Japan mining community and enjoy all of the benefits MonaCoin offers, including safety, speed, and anonymity for both sender and recipient.

Is Monacoin Mining Profitable?

With the specified mining gear hashrate of 30.00 MH/s, power expenses, and pool/maintenance fees, mining Monacoin is not exactly economical.

However, the blockchain is constantly expanding, and the Monacoin difficulty changes over time based on the network hashrate, so we advise checking your mining profitability frequently. Currently, mining Monacoin is not profitable using the Monacoin mining hardware hashrate and other information.

How to Mine Monacoin: Our Top Recommendations

Choose a mining pool

Select a mining pool depending on its reward scheme and pool cost. The reward scheme specifies how a pool distributes profits from each new block discovered among its members. The charge is also an important consideration. 

The reason why you should consider mining in a pool as compared to solo is that in a pool different members combine their computing power which results in an increased chance of finding a reward. This results in an increase in frequency at which you will receive a payout as compared to going solo.

Some pools have various practices, such as offering a free month of use before charging a fee. This should be considered as part of your selection. On their website, mining pools involve the creation of an account, worker registration, and wallet settings.

Some mining pools that you can consider are:

  1. VipPool.net
  2. MiningPoolHub
  3. Lapool.me
  4. Suprnova

Choosing your software

You must create a new batch file in the folder by simply creating a new txt file. Copy/paste the following line into this new file and save it with the extension.bat:

ccminer-x64 -a lyra2rev2 -o stratum+tcp://hub.miningpoolhub.com:20593 -u USERNAME.WORKERNAME -p x

Start mining

Run the batch file you just created/saved to launch the MonaCoin mining program with the appropriate parameters. Now you can check if the system has recognized your GPUs and the hash rate you’re using. Have fun mining!

Popular video guides on Mining Monacoin (MONA)

How Does Monacoin Mining Work?

To increase their mining income, users must first comprehend MonaCoin’s algorithm, Lyra2REv2. It necessitates a high processing speed from graphics processing units. That is why MONA mining is done using GPU cards. Another critical factor to consider is how you mine – we advocate mining Monacoin in a pool. You will have a consistent income with regular payouts.

How Long Does It Take to Mine One Monacoin?

Currently, mining 1 Monacoin at the current Monacoin difficulty level, including the mining hashrate and block reward, would take 93.8; a Monacoin mining hashrate of 30.00 MH/s utilizing 600.00 watts of electricity at $0.10 per kWh, and a block reward of 25 MONA.

How Difficult Is It to Mine Monacoin?

The current MONA difficulty is 1,415,924.17 at a mining hashrate of 30.00 MH/s that consumes 600 watts of power at $0.1 per kWh.

What All Do You Need to Mine Monacoin?


GPU mining is the best choice for hardware. When purchasing a GPU card, consider the hashrate, power consumption, and, of course, the price. The Nvidia GTX 1080ti is the finest option. The 60Mh/s will ensure mining pricing, making the 700$ refundable later in the resale.


The best software for mining MONA is Ccminer for Nvidia. If you are using AMD, then go for Sgminer.


You will require a consistent internet supply for 24/7 blockchain access, with no connection failures and 500MB data transmission per rig daily.

Top Wallets to Store Your Monacoin

Coinomi is the finest mobile MonaCoin wallet. It is vital to understand the wallet’s intended use. Because of their simplicity of use, mobile or web wallets make sense for paying and receiving modest amounts of MonaCoin regularly. However, security should be your top consideration if you want to utilize the wallet to store a little MonaCoin wealth. Because there is at least one wallet for each type of device, the range of devices you use the most frequently will also assist in determining which wallets are appropriate for you.

Already Holding Monacoin?


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Most frequently asked questions on Monacoin Mining

When was MonaCoin launched?

MonaCoin was officially launched in January 2014, although it started as meme coin in 2013 in Japan.

How many Mona coins can you mine in a single day?

Considering the last question, approximately 0.5 coins every day.

What is the reward per block of MONA?

MonaCoin miners earn MONA rewards for processing new blocks of MonaCoin transactions. The amount of MONA paid as a block reward is, by design, halved every 1.051 million blocks. The reward per block in 2022 was 12.5 MONA.

Is it possible to mine MONA using my phone?

Yes, it is technically conceivable, but it is not lucrative, and you risk overheating and destroying your gadget.

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